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Long-Term Investment Partners

For Small Businesses in North America

Long-Term Investment Partners

For Small Businesses in North America

Considering Selling?

You have built a successful business with a company culture that values individuals, teamwork, and customer service in equal measure. You’re considering selling and you need a partner that respects your products, your reputation, your employees, and the relationships you’ve established.

Syrus Partners makes investments for majority positions in small businesses with great cultures, excellent reputations, a track record of consistent profits, a layer of committed management, and employees dedicated to great customer service.

Investment Plans — Not Exit Plans

We enter every deal with an investment plan, not an exit plan. We don’t raise outside capital that must be flipped and returned a few years later. Instead, we invest permanent private capital and work diligently with our partners and employees to create successful futures for all the companies we acquire.

Many acquiring companies and funds start with an exit plan and add value through subtraction: replacing management, reducing staff, decreasing customer service, removing equity, taking on debt, and hoping for the best. We don’t follow that playbook. Our permanent capital base allows us to make long-term decisions in a short-term world.

What We Look For

Honest & Fair Dealings

We place a lot of emphasis on reputations and relationships. The businesses we acquire have a long history of honest and fair dealings with customers, employees, and vendors.

Consistent Earnings

We look for businesses with consistent pre-tax earnings of at least $500,000.

Good Returns on Capital

We look for businesses with good returns on capital deployed without undue use of leverage. We retain healthy amounts of equity in our companies and make limited use of debt.

Straightforward Models

We look for businesses with simple, straightforward business models with no need for rapid reinvention.

Investing in People

Great companies aren’t an accident. They’re created by people who are committed to their teams and obsessed with helping their customers.

Syrus Partners invests in the people who make their companies great. We are committed to giving them the autonomy they deserve and the support they need to achieve their best. We seek to make win-win deals where the owners and the employees celebrate together.

About Syrus Partners

Shane Parrish

Shane started Syrus Partners to help businesses transition ownership and work with exceptional people. Before Syrus, Shane worked as an executive in the Canadian government, where he led the creation and execution of key cyber-defense initiatives. His passion project, a website called Farnam Street, documents “the best of what others have already figured out” and gets over 1 million page views per month. Shane has appeared in the Entrepreneur, WSJ, Forbes, Globe and Mail, and Financial Times among other publications and his podcast explores life and decision making. 

Zachary Smith

Zach has worked in a wide range of industries and organizations of all sizes, including startups, investment banks, commercial real estate, automotive manufacturers, enterprise software platform providers, creative studios, and consulting agencies. He has served as a company executive and has founded numerous businesses.


We have offices in two North American cities.

Seattle, WA

Ottawa, ON

Tell Us About Your Business

If you’re considering selling or would like to explore options for the future, we’d love the opportunity to hear about you and your business. We promise confidentiality and will reply to you within 24 hours.

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